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When should I get a scan for my Lower Back Pain?

When it comes to lower back pain, it is essential to understand that a large majority of cases are non-specific. […]

Blog | Physiotherapy • 3 min read

Navigating Progress: Insights from MPhysio Sunnybank Clinic on 5 Common Physiotherapy Roadblocks

In the journey of physiotherapy, progress isn’t always linear. At MPhysio Sunnybank Clinic, we understand the nuances and challenges that […]

Blog | Physiotherapy | Posture | Stretches • 3 min read

3 Tips on How to Manage Your Own Lower Back Injury

Welcome to M Physio’s guide on effectively managing back pain and reclaiming control over your active lifestyle. Navigating the challenges […]

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What are the different types of Lower Back Pain affecting the Gold Coast?

Meet our Principal Physiotherapist I’m Dominic Forsythe, the Principal Physio at M Physio on the Gold Coast. With a decade […]

Blog | Physiotherapy | Posture | Stretches • 3 min read

The Connection Between Posture and Shoulder Health

In the fast-paced world of sedentary lifestyles and prolonged screen time, the often-overlooked issue of poor posture can have a […]

Blog | Physiotherapy • 4 min read

Building Strength, Restoring Flexibility: Physiotherapy for Wrist Fracture Patients

  A wrist fracture can be a huge setback, impacting not just the physicality of one’s hand but also the […]

Blog | Physiotherapy • 3 min read

The Role of Physiotherapy in Ankle Sprain Recovery: 4 Reasons to Prioritise Treatment

Dealing with an ankle sprain can be challenging, and whether you’ve encountered this recently or navigated through it in the […]

Blog | Posture • 3 min read

Unlocking Your Productivity: The Crucial Role of Ergonomics in the Sedentary Workplace

  In the fast-paced world of today, many of us find ourselves tied to desks for most of our waking […]

Physiotherapy • 3 min read

Medicare physiotherapy: What gets covered in Australia?

In a world with rising interest costs and soaring fuel prices, Medicare plays a vital role in helping people receive […]

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