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Adductor Strain

The ‘adductors’ are a group of muscles located in your groin that start from around the pubic symphysis, and attach at various points on the inside of your leg.

Their main function is to move the leg towards midline, however they also assist in flexing and extending the leg. Injury to these muscles can occur as result of excessive force, or if they are stretched outside their physiological limits. They can also develop pain as a result of overuse. Click here to learn more about adductor strains.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

The Pubic Symphysis is a very stable joint, between the two pelvic bones. It is made up of some very strong ligaments, as well as piece of fibro-cartilage, and does not typically allow for much movement at all.

During pregnancy, hormones are released in the body to increase the laxity of these ligaments to allow for more movement to help with birth. This resultant instability can be a common source of pain. It is also for other factors to contribute to this instability as well.


Most Groin injuries are not caused by massive trauma, and because the pubic symphysis is incredibly stable, it is not common that your groin injury would be due to serious structural damage. High-velocity impact, like from a car accident, could damage the pubic symphysis, and in this case, scanning and medical referral would be required. In most cases, your groin pain will be easily treated with conventional physiotherapy, with a good outcome expected.

Scans are generally only required for groin injuries if there has been significant trauma, or in order to rule out a high-grade injury to ligaments or tendons. Your physiotherapist will be able to let you know if they feel like a scan is required for your injury, and can help to organise a referral to receive one. If you already have scans, your physiotherapist will be able to go through the results with you.

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