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Our Vision And Philosophy

We Value Our Clients & Their Journey To Recovery


To help Australians live a better and healthier life, through expert manual therapy treatments that don’t solely rely on exercise or the use of electrical machines or heat packs.

Philosophy Of Care

We value you, your time and your health. That is why we have created The Optimal Health4Life Plan to help you achieve amazing results in the fastest possible time.


Listening and understanding your concerns and goals is very important to us. By telling us exactly how your injuries affect you, coupled with our Optimal Health4Life Plan, we can give you an accurate prognosis and diagnosis.


Not only do we assist in recovering your injuries in the shortest amount of time, we also focus our efforts in preventing you from relapsing and regressing.

Our Guarantee

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves in exceptional quality of care. Our clients love us because we listen and we deliver. That is why we give our guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with the services provided for you, we’ll refund your money and deliver your next session FREE*. This holds us to our own high standards in achieving the best form of delivery with the highest quality of physiotherapy and related services for you. *T&Cs apply.

Road to Recovery

Optimal Health4life Plan

We have developed a 6-step process we call our Optimal Health4Life Plan. This enables your physiotherapist to go through a systematised checklist and ensures a comprehensive assessment of your condition. This full analysis of your body is performed in order to give you an accurate diagnosis and prognosis.

Our holistic approach enables our patients to recover in the shortest amount of time and get their life back on track.

What Our Clients Have Said

Exceptional service from Matthew, he was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. His therapies helped me recover from my back injury and he went above and beyond with his care treatment and advice. Thanks Matthew, it’s been a pleasure to meet you! :)
Andrea Alvarez
Andrea Alvarez
11:21 30 May 23
Saw Dom here after two years of back issues and he sorted me out with a treatment plan and investigated what was causing my pain. He was very thorough and persistent with helping identify the pain and after seeing him for a month my pain is gone. Highly Recommended!
Clyde Lewis
Clyde Lewis
01:44 04 May 23
Matt was excellent and I’m so happy I found a physio so amazing. He continually listened and asked questions to make sure the treatment was suited to my needs. The receptionist team were also so kind. Cannot recommend this place enough.
Kayla L
Kayla L
10:12 28 Feb 23
I have come here with 3 different issues. Pain in my neck, back and hip region. Mainly because of bad posture at work and some long term existing issues.Dr. Mattias helped me identify the root cause and made me feel at my best again so that I could lead a pain free lifestyle. It's a shame I had to switch cities and would no longer be able to see him. Thanks a lot for taking care of me.
Manikanta Raju
Manikanta Raju
23:40 09 Jan 23
I needed to build up my strength and muscle mass after being ravaged by cancer and chemo, and enduring a range of symptoms of peripheral neuropathy (sensory and motor). Dom in Bundall was brilliant, working through the multitude of problems intelligently, systematically and compassionately. My tailored workout regime evolved as deficits improved, revealing other deficits. His results after 8 weeks were astonishing, and will stand me in very good stead for the rather debilitating surgery I will be facing shortly. I will be back after surgery to rebuild all over again before my final course of chemotherapy. Thank you Dom: I believe your work will lead to much better outcomes.
14:28 22 Dec 22
Ariel is the wonderful therapist. She helped me to find out essential problem causing pain on my back . And suggest variable exercises to strengthen my muscle. I feel much better now.
08:25 24 Nov 22
Ariel’s professional and personal approach is second to none. I am incredibly thankful for the relief and support she has provided in each and every appointment. In addition, Ariel has provided me with a long term plan to support my recovery. She is extremely friendly and personable. I could not recommend her highly enough (and I have recommended her to more people than I can count). Look no further - Ariel’s got your back 😉
Adam France
Adam France
07:16 24 Nov 22
David’s hands-on physiotherapy has been extremely helpful with reducing my pain and discomfort from an excruciating intercostal strain (caused from over a week of intense coughing due to bronchitis/chest infection). David also performed chest percussion to help clear my chest, taught me splinting techniques to reduce the intercostal pain when I cough, and importantly taught me 3 different breathing exercises to assist with clearing my chest and reduce (painful) coughing. David also provided many other helpful tips and information on how to loosen chest congestion, clear my chest and how to recover as quick as possible. Thanks David!
Kathy Fyfe
Kathy Fyfe
05:54 22 Aug 22
I’ve had health issues for months where I was in constant pain and couldn’t sleep, barely could walk and had no strength, constant headaches and migraines. Following multiple Doctor and Specialist visits, endless meds and tests with no results/improvement, I contacted this place and Wendy at reception got Sascha in touch with me that day, we discussed what was going on and brought me in to assess further.After a thorough examination and following treatments/at home exercises, I noticed a huge difference within a week, the constant pain and tingling in my legs was reduced significantly.So much progress has been made I can’t be thankful enough for how much he has helped me. I’m able to walk again without every step being painful, not collapsing without reason, my headaches are reduced significantly, and my strength is increasing every day.Sascha set clear goals and worked with my body’s limitations. The team help so much, but you need to ensure you do the exercises yourself to get the results you want too, trust me it helped so much.Wendy at reception is super friendly and cares for the patients as much as the the therapists.Highly recommend trying this company, they’ve done wonders for me.
Kristina Cvetkovic
Kristina Cvetkovic
22:18 14 Aug 22
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