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Conditions We Treat

Suffering from a particular injury and want to know how we can help? Click below to understand the common injuries we often treat at our clinic.

Road to Recovery

Optimal Health4life Plan

Experience a treatment like no other through our 6 step process. Our systematised process has been created in order to get you and your body back to full function, without pain, in the shortest amount of time.

A thorough understanding of your condition, your goals and a full assessment of your entire body is the key to alleviating your pain and treating your injuries.

How Our Sessions Can Help You Recover

We assess the body holistically. We often find the primary cause of many conditions is usually found away from the site of your injury. A classic example is knee pain, which may originate from a bad alignment of your foot or even your spine. Let us analyse your body as a whole to give you the best results.

  • All muscles investigated
  • All joints investigated
  • All neural components investigated
  • This gives us a complete picture of your entire body
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