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Weak And Painful Knee?

athlete knee injury

Do you suffer from knee pain that has come on gradually over the years?

Knee osteoarthritis may affect your day-to-day activities like walking or using stairs.


What is osteoarthritis (OA)?

You might have already read our previous blog about osteoarthritis.  In short, osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint condition which mostly affect middle-aged or older people. It is more common to occur in the hip, knee, great toe and fingers.

Some factors that may contribute to the development of knee OA include:

  • being overweight
  • history of knee injury
  • activities that require kneeling for long periods
  • climbing
  • squatting

Studies have shown reduced quality of life in people who suffer from knee OA

“Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the leading causes of musculoskeletal pain and disability worldwide, with knee OA affecting up to one-third of people aged over 60 years. Overall, most individuals with knee OA have chronic pain, which is a multidimensional experience that influences their quality of life (QoL).”

There is evidence that exercise can improve quality of life for people with OA

Have a read of the types of treatment and relief physiotherapists here at Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia can offer.

Exercise not only helps with strengthening the muscles around your knee, but it also improves overall psychosocial health, which plays a significant role in healing and response to pain.

Physiotherapists can accurately diagnosis of your condition and help manage your condition. Contact us on via phone on 1800 800 118 or email us to [email protected] to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists today! Imagine a life free from aches and pain!



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