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Kylie Stephenson Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic


Meet Kylie, our Practice Manager for the Brisbane Headache and Migraine clinic. Kylie possesses a combination of creative and analytical skills; striving to positively impact the experience of our patients who visit our clinics.

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Kylie has a Bachelor in Biomedical Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Communications. She spent over 20 years as a medical scientist before crossing over to the digital world as an IT solutions specialist before joining us at BHMC. With her skills in change management, customer service and managing people, joining the administration team was a natural fit.

Kylie currently leads the team of administrators supporting them to be able to do what they do best – caring for our patients. She ensures the technology, tools, protocols and working environment are at its optimum so the team can deliver an efficient and high-quality patient experience.

Outside of work, Kylie can be found singing in random places; either with her band or annoying her neighbours during a spot of home-based karaoke.

She loves her fiancé, dog and her mountain bike (though, these days, the bike is more of an art installation piece rather than a mode of transport).

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