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What is the Mulligan Concept Technique?

Mobilisation with Movement

The Mulligan Concept technique is where a joint mobilisation is applied and then the joint is actively moved by the patient.

Key principles underlying the Mulligan Concept Technique

The main principle behind the Mulligan Concept is that once a passive glide or mobilisation to the joint is pain free, the physiotherapist can progress the treatment. This is done by requesting the patient to perform a previously provocative movement once the glide has been applied, and the movement should be found to improve either in pain or range or both. The previously restricted and/or painful motion is repeated by the patient while the therapist continues to maintain the appropriate mobilisation.

While applying this technique, otherwise known as a mobilisation with movement (MWM) the PILL response is observed for: 

  • P– Pain free.
  • I– Instant result.
  • LL– Long Lasting.

Commonly, this technique is able to provide people with long lasting results, that dramatically improve their quality of life and day to day function!

Bertrand and Grant’s explanation:


Examples of joints where this technique can be applied

  • Headache SNAG at the neck (sustained glide)
  • SNAGs at the neck, thoracic and lumbar (mid and low) back
  • Opening glides at the temperomandiublar joint (jaw)
  • More specific MWM’s can be applied at the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle, depending on the patients presentation

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As you can see from the list above, this technique can be used across multiple conditions at almost any joint in the body, meaning that it is a really useful tool for improving pain and function. All physiotherapists should utilise it!

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