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Launching our new M Physio brand

In 2023, we have an exciting new brand! Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia is now M Physio.

We’ve made the decision to rebrand for a number of reasons (which we’ve detailed below) and, with our brand-new Sydney physio clinic set to open in the south of Sydney in April 2023, we thought now was the right time to make the change.

M Physio Logo - Full


Why M Physio?

For some time now we’ve thought our existing name (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia) was a little bit of a mouthful and we also had a rather long website URL. So, when the opportunity presented itself for us to shorten both the name and the URL simply to mphysio.au, we jumped at the chance.

Plus, with the new URL, we also we’ve also managed to shorten everyone’s email address.

Most importantly though, with our new brand identity, we can better distinguish our physiotherapy clinics with our new clear and modern logo

But we are keeping to our roots. The M in M Physio still stands for Musculoskeletal. This continuation of our focus on musculoskeletal physiotherapy means we will continue to offer our premium physiotherapy service which focusses on ensuring we help our patients get to the root cause of their pain through our thorough full-body assessments.

We take a longer time to perform our initial assessment compared to many clinics and evaluate all possible contributing factors in order to achieve the best outcome in the shortest amount of time.

So when you’re looking for a physio, make sure to look out for the big M and you know you’ll be seeing the best.

M is Much Better

But what else does M stand for? Officially the M in M Physio stands for Musculoskeletal. But beyond Muscles, our clinics, team and treatments are about so Much More!

We are Magnificent physiotherapists and our administration team are simply Marvelous!

We help get you Motivated about your health and, if you’re injured, we help you get your Mojo back.

No matter if you have a Minor of a Major injury, our team will get you back to your best in the Minimum amount of time.

We are Methodical with our treatments and Meticulous with patient Management.

Plus, our team are Mentored by the best clinicians and our team make up an important part of your Multidisciplined approach to healthcare.

We’re Mighty excited to welcome you to our clinics in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast and to our new Sydney clinic, which will be located in Zetland, near Alexandria and right next to the Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre.

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