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Is Your Ankle Giving Way?

Is your ankle giving way when you walk?
Is your ankle giving way when you walk?

The ankle is an important joint in our body to help us move around, stay upright and balanced.


Chronic ankle instability (CAI)…

is characterised by giving way of the outer side of the ankle, and this is a recurrent condition. CAI may develop following several ankle sprains.

Following repeated ankle sprains, not allowing enough healing time or not receiving proper rehabilitation may lead to chronic ankle instability.

It is believed that after several repeated sprains to your ankle, your invertor and evertor muscles of the foot decreases, and there is a loss of mechanoreceptors, which leads to a reduction of proprioceptive abilities (the ability to know where your joint is in space).


Some symptoms…

People with chronic ankle instability may experience giving way while walking, running or even just standing on the spot.



can help strengthen your ankle, improve your balance and reduce the number of ankle sprains in the future! This is achieved by:

  • progressive loading/strength training program
  • proprioceptive training
  • balance training
  • bracing


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