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How does Pilates help you?

There’s no Pilates like clinical Pilates! Can training with clinical Pilates help you grow stronger, improve flexibility and recover from injury? It sure can!

Once your physiotherapist at Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia has assessed your body, an individualised Pilates program will be tailor-made for your needs, rehabilitation and recovery.

Pilates helps to:

  • Improve posture
  • Increase core stability
  • Correct muscle, joint and neural imbalances
  • Total body conditioning
  • Prevents, protects and enhances your recovery from injuries

Can Pilates help to improve posture?

Your pain can arise from a poor posture. Having a poor and/or uneven posture places unwanted strain on your muscles, skeleton, organs and nervous system. This can create pain and potentially irreversible structural changes to your body. Pilates can help by correcting these faults and restore your correct postural alignment for optimal bodily function and reduce unwanted strain in your body.

Can Pilates help with poor posture? Ideal posture can be achieved with the help of clinical pilates.

Pilates helps to increase core stability

Scientific research and studies have shown people with spinal problems such as back pain develop a weak core. A weakened abdominal core muscle creates instability at each affected segmental vertebrae of your spine and pelvis, which directly influences you back pain and bodily dysfunction. Knowing how to strengthen your core through specific Pilates exercisers is a powerful key for long-term sustainable results for low back pain rehabilitation and management.

Will Pilates help to increase core stability? Pilates offers a range of exercises to help increase core stability.

Pilates corrects muscle, joint and neural imbalances

Pilates can assist to exercise spinal stabilisers?Your body might be overcompensating due to some form of imbalance in your body. You may have a dysfunctional imbalance due to a group of muscles or joints which could be overactive or tight, or even under-active, weak and unstable. You may also have neural tension in your nerves such as sciatica which causes you to limp when walking creating an imbalance throughout your entire body. Once your physiotherapist identifies these imbalances, specific pilates exercisers can then be made to suit your condition to rapidly regain your recovery by correcting these imbalances throughout your body.

Can Pilates help improve total body conditioning?

Help improve your total body conditioningPilates is a total body conditioning workout which can help to improve your:

  • Cardiovascular system to reduce blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Prevention and management of osteoporosis
  • Management of diabetes
  • Heart dysfunctions and many other associated health concerns due to a poor cardiovascular system
  • Strength, power and tone
  • Flexibility and joint range of motion
  • Stamina, endurance and fitness
  • Overall health and wellbeing

Pilates prevents, protects and enhances your recovery from injuries

Pilates can assist to prevent future injuries?Based on a detailed assessment of your body completed by our physiotherapists at Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia, we assess, investigate and create an individualised exercise routine specifically for your needs. A tailor made exercise plan will help to enhance your recovery from injuries, as well as, protect and prevent you from future flare-ups. The power of clinical Pilates is highly effective in the management and prevention of injuries and improving overall health.

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