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Correct Sitting Posture

Maintaining a correct sitting posture (sitting position) is vital to maintain physical well being and, if you are currently undergoing physiotherapy treatment, it will also help enhance your recovery.

If you are currently undergoing treatment at Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia, once you read this page answer the questions on the sheet given by your physiotherapist and bring that to your next treatment session.

Having a correct sitting posture will prevent unwanted strain, pressure and accumulative trauma to affected regions of your muscular, skeletal and neural systems of your body. The most crucial aspect of having a good sitting posture is to use a lumbar support to maintain a neutral lordotic curve of your lumbar spine.

Your physiotherapist at Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia can provide you with a specific lumbar roll support for your recovery that you must use when sitting down at home, work and during the course of physiotherapy treatment.

Please view the following diagrams to ensure you are sitting correctly. Once you’ve reviewed this page, you can also review the correct standing posture page.

Correct Sitting Posture

Poor sitting postureIdeal sitting posture
Avoid slouchingSit tall with lumbar roll just above hips Bottom shifted back into chair Draw your head back

Reading Posture

Poor reading postureIdeal reading posture
Avoid slouching when readingSit tall with lumbar roll when reading Draw your head back Use your eyes to look down rather than you head

Working/Studying Posture

Poor studying/working postureIdeal studying/working posture
Avoid slouchingSit tall with lumbar roll when working Draw your head back Use your eyes to look down rather than your head

Phone/Tablet Posture

Poor sitting posture using electronicsIdeal sitting posture using electronics
Avoid slouchingSit tall with lumbar roll Draw your head back Raise the phone/tablet Use your eyes to look down rather than your head

Computer/Office Posture

Ergonomic Setup of Work StationHere is a diagram for you to check how well your workstation resembles to the ideal sitting posture at work.

Correct sitting posture is very important. Read more about it here.

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