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Maiya is one of our administrators, covering both Sunnybank Hills and Spring Hill clinic locations.
Maiya is an asset to our team, bringing determination, dedication, as well as her sense of humour to the table.
She prides herself on providing the best customer experience she can, to all who attend our clinic.

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Coming from a variety of work backgrounds, Maiya brings experiences from many different fields. She may be young, but is adept at communicating and even handling customer feedback or concerns.

As one of our  administrators, Maiya will often be the one greeting you as you first walk into our clinic. Behind the desk, she also assists the clinic by organizing appointments, handling communications and correspondences with different parties and clients.

Maiya loves to explore and to be out by the water, whether that be at the beach or by the pool. Maiya is a soft soul and loves her pets, family, and friends. She will always be up for a movie night and loves to try new foods!

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